As Brexit is the greatest policy challenge facing the United Kingdom since 1945, the temptation to speculate about the outcome is great.  The temptation to cover every twist and turn is equally compelling There are many questions.   Should the UK stay in the Customs Union / Single Market? Will there be a hard border in Ireland?  What EU programmes will the UK be able to join etc?

This website will cover issues that relate to the clients of European Policy Solutions and these largely involve policy developments in the EU and access to funding programmes.  At the moment, the UK Government has committed to paying its budget contribution until the end of the present financial envelope which is 2020.  This should allow UK potential partners access to EU funding calls until 2020 but this may not be the case in all funding programmes.

The transition period should also mean that working in projects and conducting business in the EU continues in much the same way but there are still huge questions on what will -until everything is agreed’ which just adds to the uncertainty.

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